The logo for Memento. It is a blue crecent.


A FOSS, mpv-based video player for studying Japanese

An example image showing Princess Mononoke being played with the word お前 highlighted. English definitions for お前 are shown above the subtitle.


Memento is a free and open source, mpv-based video player that makes studying Japanese easier with a built in popup dictionary, Anki integration, and more.

Yomichan Dictionaries

Memento uses Yomichan's dictionary format and supports all the same dictionaries.

Anki Integration

Automates Anki card creation through AnkiConnect.

Grammar Aware Search

Matches terms in subtitles regardless of most inflections.


Supports mpv plugins, upscalers, and shaders.


Supports mpv configuration files such as input.conf for rebinding keys and mpv.conf for configuring mpv.


Supports streaming from many websites through youtube-dl.